Cool Congregations
 "Solving Global Warming One Family at a Time"

People of faith across Iowa are doing their part to prevent global warming in their own homes through Cool Congregations and saving hundreds of dollars in the process. Cool Congregations is a stewardship program designed to help congregations engage their members in caring for creation by reducing their individual greenhouse gas emissions. Since it began in January of 2007, over 200 congregations have attended these workshops to learn how to conduct a Cool Congregations program in their own faith community.

Participating households:contact.jpg
  • Invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Save money on bills
  • Prevent global warming pollution
  • Gain access to discounted energy efficient products
    They do this by attending a series of small group meetings where they:
  • Measure their carbon footprint
  • Explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Make a faith-based pledges
  • Meet to celebrate success and build community!

    We encourage a 10% goal, like a traditional tithe. A reduction of 10% may not sound like much, but if all Iowans did this we would prevent the amount of pollution caused by 604,000 average cars in a year, roughly one third of Iowa's present car fleet! It’s also the same as the greenhouse gasses released by one 750 megawatt coal-fired power plant. Our pilot program at St. Luke’s Episcopal in Cedar Falls included 26 families who were able reduce their emissions by an average of 9% in just the first year. In doing so, they prevented the release of 67 tons of greenhouse gases and saved an average of $200 on their yearly utility bill (see our success stories page for more information).

    Click here to download a Cool Congregations brochure which you can share with your friends.

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