Your faith compels you to seek climate justice and take action. We’ve got your back.


We empower Iowans of faith and conscience to take bold and just action on the climate crisis through our four focus areas:





Making an impact with over 40 earned media coverage a year that highlights Iowans taking bold climate action from local outlets like KNIA/KRLS radio and KGAN TV, to statewide coverage from the Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Radio, to national media including Time Magazine, the New Yorker, NBC, CNN, and even international press.

Once skeptics, Iowa farmers look to lead fight against global warming

November 9, 2020 | Christopher King | KGAN

Farmers Challenge Climate Change

June 16, 2020 | Jill Woodward, Gary Strieker, and Dave Timko | PBS’s This American Land

Scientists say farmers could grow their way out of the climate crisis

August 8, 2019 | Bill Weir | CNN


Faithful Farmer: Hannah Breckbill

Faithful Farmer: Hannah Breckbill

Growing up Mennonite gave me a lens that sees *community* as the place where God expresses themself and where we, together, can build God’s kingdom, the world that the Creator intended and that we all deserve. Farming gives me a clear role in community, and an opportunity every day to notice and give thanks for the communities of life in this place.

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Busy Bees Lead to Beautiful Blooms

Busy Bees Lead to Beautiful Blooms

My work here not only urges me to act for all Iowans, but to continue to create and cultivate hope. Hope is the backbone of everything I do in life – from planting my spring seeds and wishing for a bountiful summer harvest, to empowering Iowans to thrive and live their fullest life.

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Never be afraid to change. I farm differently today than I did twenty years ago. I believe that successful farming requires overcoming adversities in a productive and sustainable way while recognizing and creating the solutions to the climate crisis.

Justin Jordan

Warren County Farmer

I am deeply concerned about the myriad negative outcomes that climate change has in store over the next several decades, and I think that future generations have a right to inherit a livable, sustainable planet. That is why I value Iowa IPL’s work and commitment to Climate Action across the state.

Ingrid Gronstal

Water Programs Director at the Iowa Environmental Council

As a student leader, person of faith and future physician, I am called to love my neighbors, our communities, and our environment.

Alexandra Lund

Called to Climate Action student leader and Dordt University student

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