Hearings on the proposed Bakken crude oil pipeline across Iowa begin Nov. 12 and a coalition opposing the project, which includes Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, is encouraging opponents to turn out and speak out.

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition is urging project opponents to attend the Iowa Utilities Board comment hearing in Boone. The hearing will be Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 a.m. in the Community Building at the Boone County Fairgrounds, 1601 Industrial Park Road.

If you would like to appear to speak against the Bakken pipeline, you are encouraged to RSVP for the hearing at the coalition’s website.

Bakken Map-of-Pipeline-route-IAThe pipeline is proposed to cut diagonally through Iowa from the northwest corner to the southeast corner, through 18 counties at a length of 343 miles. It will transport highly volatile crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois.

Iowa IPL opposes the pipeline for several reasons, most notably because it serves to continue our dependence on fossil fuels, a primary driver of climate change. Instead of building additional permanent infrastructure to move fossil fuels that contribute to climate change, we should invest in our clean energy infrastructure, which creates permanent, good-paying jobs for Iowans.

Iowa IPL is also concerned about the impact the pipeline would have if it were to leak. Any oil spills could have a devastating effect on farming or ecologically sensitive areas.

For more information about the proposed pipeline, the hearings and for suggested talking points to use when speaking against the Bakken pipeline, please see our attached flier at this link.

More information at the Coalition website, www.nobakken.com.