Iowa Interfaith Power and Light works to maintain and advance incentives and policies available for congregations and faith communities to own or invest in renewable energy. Solar energy can help communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution harmful to public health, create local jobs, and save money. The United States has installed the solar capacity to power more than 2.2 million homes. According to a publication by the Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa has the potential to build enough solar PV to meet annual electric needs by more than 150 times over. Rooftop solar potential could meet close to 20% of Iowa’s annual electric needs. All across America – and especially across Iowa – there are opportunities to turn our homes, congregations, schools, and neighborhood rooftops into solutions to climate change.

Is your congregation interested in solar? Has your faith community conducted an energy audit? We are collecting information from congregations across Iowa so that we can provide better information, resources, and tools to people of faith committed to caring for creation, creating jobs, and saving money on their utility bills.

Please take the survey by December 15, 2016 and consider sharing it with neighbors
and friends who are members of other congregations in your community.


Questions related to our solar campaign can be directed to Hannah Landgraf, Climate and Energy Policy Specialist, at