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In an era when it is vital to be responsible global citizens and to do our part in preserving and protecting our environment, Iowa Religious Media Services (IRMS) is intentionally building its media collection in the area of environmental justice, carefully vetting the best resources for all ages.

Greensburg, KS City Hall

The newest addition to the IRMS collection is The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People (DV1583). This inspiring 65-minute documentary provides a guided tour through Greensburg, Kansas, a Midwestern town with a population of just under a thousand that was decimated by a fierce tornado in 2007. Making a commitment to the future, the community decided to rebuild by harnessing the same power that once caused its destruction: wind. Today, Greensburg is entirely operated on 100% renewable wind energy. Their shining example sets the stage for the remainder of the film, which urges the necessity for similar self-sustaining progressive actions in every city across the globe. Greenberg demonstrates that we have everything that we need to institute change. According to the myriad of experts in the film, the powerful clean energy trio of wind, water and solar could power the entire globe by the year 2050. A third industrial revolution is needed. The technologies are right at our fingertips. All we need is the social and political willpower to make widespread renewable energies our reality.

In addition to The Future of Energy (DV1583), IRMS offers a myriad of resources to help understand the global impact of climate change, as well as things you can do to make a change in your own corner of the world. For more information on any of the resources below, just click on the title:

Before the Flood (DV1523), Can’t Stop the Water (DV1415), Wisdom to Survive (DV1362), Fierce Green Fire (DV1406), Hospitable Planet – Faith, Action, and Climate Change (BK1919), Joining Voices for Climate Justice: A Study for Youth (BK1918), What’s So Amazing About Polar Bears – Teaching Kids to Care for Creation (BK1912), God’s Blue Earth: Teaching Kids to Celebrate the Sacred Gift of Water (BK1842), Teaching Kids to Love the Earth (BK1989)

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Thank you to Sharon Strohmaier, Executive Director of IRMS for this article.