At Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, we see the world with a vision of abundance rather than scarcity. An important aspect to embracing abundance is trusting that together we can do more than we expect. We can accomplish more than we think is possible.

In a spirit of abundance with the full support of the Iowa IPL board of directors, we’re announcing the promotion of Deaconess Irene DeMaris to Associate Director of Iowa IPL starting July 1.

We hired Irene as a multi-issue organizer. Since she started on March 9, she has been doing so much more than what we described in our job description. She’s also been doing all of this from home as her start date coincided with the beginning of the week the United States started taking COVID-19 seriously.

Irene has been instrumental in our response to a rapidly changing landscape for environmental justice and we quickly moved to online organizing. We’ve hired five summer Iowa college student leaders for 2020 Called to Climate Action. We’re updating our online database and communication tools. In fact, this is the first newsletter using that upgrade. And we’re going to be updating our website. Irene has been helping lead all of this work.

In this time of pandemic, a historic racial justice movement in Black Lives Matter, and a deep recession, some might argue this is a time for caution, to hold off on investments, and to wait until more certain times. But to see the world with a vision of abundance is to recognize even in uncertain times, there are great gifts in our midst. Irene is one of those great gifts.

She has been so fully engaged with all aspects of Iowa IPL providing real leadership across our entire organization as we deliver on our mission to empower Iowans of faith and conscience to take bold and just action on climate change.

Since her first day at Iowa IPL, Irene has been investing in our work at the level of an associate director. I’m so thankful our supporters continue to contribute enough for us to make this investment in Irene. I’m confident that together Irene and I will be able to amplify the financial support from individuals, congregations, faith-based organizations and secular organizations with additional grants and partnerships to sustain the work of Iowa IPL.

The promise of abundance does not mean an easy road to riches. The promise is that creation will provide enough for us to do more than we think is possible.

I’m thrilled we are able to promote Irene to the position she is already doing. We are doing more than we thought possible when we hired her to empower Iowans to reject the fear based limits of scarcity and to embrace a world of abundance where together we all have enough.