First Annual Iowa Gives Green is a Huge Success

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Featured, Instagram, News

Fundraising doesn’t come naturally to me. Building relationships, creating administrative systems, organizing for justice, and nerding out on theology are more my style, yet building donor bases is vital work for any nonprofit. 

It’s nerve-racking to come up with a fundraising campaign and set goals for an organization that you deeply care about. I start slipping into scarcity when I preach abundance. When Matt and I sat down to talk about what our goals for Iowa Gives Green should be, we picked a safe number of $1000 and found a supporter to match up to that amount. Days before Iowa Gives Green, I fretted that I should have sent another email, posted more on social media, or that I needed to write an evening email for August 4th if we hadn’t made our goal yet.

I didn’t need to fret because as per usual, Iowa IPL simply has the best supporters. You are invested in our mission; consistently taking climate action through gifts, showing up, executing online actions, sharing social media, and so much more. As people of faith and conscience, we live into abundance. We live into the hope for a better future for ourselves and creation. 

A professional fundraiser once told me, “I always ask for people to give their proudest gift.” Every supporter is different and equally important. We rejoice and give thanks for each donation made from $5 to $1000 because we know that everyone’s proudest gift isn’t the same. A $5 donation still shows that you are invested in our ministry at Iowa IPL, as does constantly filling out an online action alert if times are tight. We are blessed with abundance in many ways, shapes, and sizes. 

Through Iowa Gives Green, we raised $4,500 for Iowa IPL, and more than a third of those gifts were from people who had never given to us before. 

We reached new people and introduced our supporters to some of the organizations that we partner with. I hope that the wide breadth of environmental organizations doing vital work throughout Iowa was inspiring and food for the journey we have ahead of us. Movement building isn’t always the quickest thing to do, yet Iowa is well on its way. 

Iowa Gives Green was a huge success and we plan on making it an annual event. Save the date for Iowa Gives Green 2022 on August 4th! 

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