Acting on the Precipice of an Apocalypse

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Featured, Instagram, News

Irene taking in majestic view of the Salish Sea and Gulf Islands from Galiano Island in British Columbia.

I spend my Sunday nights attempting to find inner peace by practicing restorative yoga. Restorative yoga uses props to help one get into a passive pose that you hold for at least five minutes, and some days I can ease into it to relax and find restoration. But on Sunday, I struggled to find calm as I couldn’t get past all the noise in my head. I was trying to come up with the overarching thread of everything bouncing around from what I was going to write: recalling an IPR piece on COP26, Build Back Better’s potential for climate action, the UAW strike, and the real meaning of apocalypse.

Apocalyptic movies, literature, and sacred scriptures are not something that I go out of my way to find. Maybe that’s why I missed the true meaning of an apocalypse: to uncover

In the middle of a time where I was supposed to be relaxing, I started racking my brain on how all the things running through my head came together with bold and just action on the climate crisis. I found it the next morning while letting my puppy out before 6 am.

How often have we heard the climate crisis referred to as an apocalypse? What if we didn’t think of it as the collapse of society, but instead uncovering the climate crisis so we can take climate action? Perhaps we are on the precipice of an apocalypse and that isn’t a bad thing.

With all that has happened in the past few months regarding the climate crisis and moving forward to implement mitigation practices, we have reached a moment of action. It’s scary if we are living into the scarcity model. Yet as Iowans of faith and conscience we live into the hope that is abundance. Even when the rest of the world does not.

COP26 ended up being a mixed bag as it just barely makes the mark of hitting zero emissions by 2050. For the first time, fossil fuel is named, but “[the] developing nations that are suffering the most severe climate-related damage are walking away without any guarantees that they’ll be compensated by the industrialized nations causing most of the damage.” We will keep advocating for a just transition and equity for those being impacted by the climate crisis. 

The Build Back Better Act has the potential to be the largest piece of legislation to impact our response on the climate crisis. Last week we sent out an action alert to let our Senators and House Representatives know we support climate action in the bill. It’s not too late to take action

Today, Wednesday, November 17th, the John Deere UAW strikers will vote on the third contract. We believe that just climate action requires valuing all workers and investing in workers is vital to the Build Back Better agenda. Regardless of how the vote goes today, we hope you join us in holding the workers and their families in your thoughts as well as the leadership at John Deere. 

We are at the precipice of an apocalypse. Working together we help give each other the confidence that what is uncovered is a spirit led, global journey into abundance -where we seek bold and just action on the climate crisis putting justice and equity first.

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