An annual statement on climate action for Iowans of faith & conscience

We Are Called

We invite all Iowans of faith and conscience to join us by signing onto this year’s interfaith statement written by our “Called to Climate Action” college student leaders.

All religious leaders, clergy, laity, students, and anyone who resonates with our statement is encouraged to sign.


We live in an awe-inspiring world. As people of faith and conscience, we are led to envision a future for all people to sustain and live in a happy, healthy, and sustainable community. We have an opportunity to revolutionize how we live together as we prepare for a post-pandemic world. In this unique time, we are called to admire, engage, protect, and participate in shaping our future. We have the opportunity to revitalize the relationship we have with the environment, and to empower our communities. The desire to preserve and protect the earth comes from a love of all people. Creation provides all that we need. 

We are called to:

Gather: People gathered in a community are stronger than the individual. The battle against the climate crisis is a group effort. It is essential to lift up all people as we move forward together. We need to gather to accomplish advancements in technology, lift up the less fortunate, and move towards social justice.

Seek: Seeking means to actively search for how to better the integrity of one’s character and community. This means to think in a dynamic manner centered on positive change. To seek in a productive way means to curiously run toward all that is good.

be Stewards: Stewardship is to work with the natural world. We are called to ensure that our systems not only provide for human kind, but also for all life on earth. It is necessary that we cultivate a healthy future for generations to come.

Love: Love is to give what we can when we can and recognize where help is needed. A charitable person will seek ways to help others, in addition to giving without expecting return.

be Humble: Humility helps us move from a mindset of scarcity to an abundant and healthy community. Humility means putting ourselves aside, and devoting our energy to causes that need it. By living humbly, supporting others is a greater priority, and leads to a healthier world and environment.

Regenerate: Regeneration is how we help restore our shared world, which is good, plentiful and just. This means rebuilding our spiritual foundations together. Faith leads us to respect and care for our community and environment. To do this, it is essential to tackle injustices to journey towards healing and repair.

be Resilient: Resilience means to stay grounded in faith despite facing challenges, and to maintain the ability to be faithful. We must be resilient to generate a resilient future. Though we are all part of something greater, awakening the qualities of faith and hope in one of us deeply affects all of us.

Lead: Leadership is to encompass all of the characteristics above. To exhibit leadership, one is required to be humble, charitable, resilient, and always seeking to improve both themselves and their community. To be a leader, we must be proactive, and look out for all others around us and lift them to thrive.

All of us carry the responsibility to halt the climate crisis and challenge the political systems standing in the way of climate action. Together we can unite and face a challenge greater than ourselves; we are able to achieve much more than we could alone. We have been called to serve our community by lifting up our neighbors and supporting a healthy and sustainable society. In this unique and changing time, we have to revolutionize how we live. We are called to unite as one in order to sustain a healthy and thriving planet to secure our future. As people of faith, we embrace the necessary actions that will lead to a world of abundance.





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