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by | Oct 19, 2022 | Featured, Instagram, News

Anyone who has heard me speak in the past few months, has been asked, “Do you have a voting plan?” Followed by encouragement to have them ask their friends, family, Uber drivers, and anyone they see the same question. Voting is a vital part of our democracy and one of the most important climate actions we can take. It’s the way we decide what’s possible. 

Today the Progressive Voices United coalition launched the “What’s Possible” Get Out the Vote campaign, featuring a new video to promote voter turnout across the state. Progressive Voices United, a collaborative effort by more than a dozen non-profit Iowa-based organizations, launched the campaign to help Iowans dream of what’s possible in Iowa when we work together and when all of us vote. We know what’s possible when Iowans vote for the common good. 

Iowa IPL is proud to be a part of this diverse coalition because voting is bold and just action on the climate crisis. And on the first day of early voting in Iowa, we invite you to firm up your voting plan and invite others to join you. 

As part of the national Interfaith Power & Light, we are excited to share IPL’s Faithful Voter Reflection Guide to help in your voting discernment process. Make sure you download the guide today and make it a part of your voting plan. 

As my counterpart at the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, Connie Ryan says, “Iowans have tenacity, grit, and big hearts. We care about our communities and our neighbors. When Iowans not only dream about what’s possible but also take action through their vote, we can accomplish anything. Just like sending a person to the moon. Just like electing the first person of color to our highest office. And, just like ensuring every person can marry the person they love equally under the law. Believing in what’s possible in Iowa brings us hope.”

We at Iowa IPL fully cosign her words. Let’s love our neighbors and creation by taking climate action through voting. We decided what’s possible for Iowa, our futures, and the climate crisis. We decide what’s possible by voting on (or before) November 8th. 


Progressive Voices United is building a statewide collaborative partnership of nonpartisan organizations committed to addressing and improving voting rights, voter education, civic engagement, and representation by underrepresented communities in our democratic process.

Progressive Voices United Partner Organizations

  • 20/20 Vision 
  • Common Good Iowa
  • Great Plains Action Society
  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa
  • Iowa Interfaith Power and Light
  • Iowa Migrant Movement for Justice
  • League of Latin American Citizens of Iowa
  • League of Women Voters of Iowa
  • New Frontier 
  • One Iowa
  • Planned Parenthood of North Central States
  • Progress Iowa 
  • We Vote Linn County

For more information about Progressive Voices United, please email IowansVote@gmail.com.

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