Faithful Farmer Gallery 2023

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Faith Farms and Climate, Featured, Instagram, News

This year, Iowa IPL debuted our Faithful Farmer feature as a way to uplift the voices of farmers in our state. See the collection of our 2023 Faithful Farmers below!

Do you consider yourself to be a faithful farmer or know of one? Follow this link to our questionnaire!

Jeremy Winter | Winter Acres Farm

“I believe it is my responsibility as a farmer to make a positive impact. To not just focus on production and profits, but on how I can better this world and all its creatures. The world we have been given is an amazing gift. It is our duty to treat it as such.”

Maggie McQuown | Resilient Farms

“I have grown to realize that while I technically “own” my farm, none of us truly “own” the land. We are merely caretakers of the land for the short span of our lives. My faith makes me appreciate how vast, diverse, complex, and miraculous life on Earth is.”

Shaffer Ridgeway | Southern Goods and Grazin’ Cattle

“There’s something spiritual about putting your hands in the dirt, putting seeds in the ground, and caring for them so that they can reach their full potential. I know that’s what God wants for us – He wants us to reach our full potential.”

Hannah Breckbill | Humble Hands Harvest

“Growing up Mennonite gave me a lens that sees *community* as the place where God expresses themself and where we, together, can build God’s kingdom, the world that the Creator intended and that we all deserve. Farming gives me a clear role in community, and an opportunity every day to notice and give thanks for the communities of life in this place.”

Jane Shey | Shey Family Farm

“Our challenge today is to co-exist and live with all of creation. We are merely stewards of our land and world for a time and then, we pass it on to someone else. Our job is not to dominate, but to live with respect and reverence. I feel fortunate to live on our farm and to be a caretaker before I pass the land on to someone else.”

Joel Parsons | Parsons’ Bee Ranch

“I see God’s hand in the seasons of change that vary from year to year, yet support a way of life. I enjoy caring for the land and growing crops. I find enjoyment with each new crop of calves and lambs. I find it a privilege to be able to provide for others.”

Jennifer Horner | Spring Lake Organic Farm

“You can’t run a farm alone. We are hopeful for the future. We all want the farm to stay organic and in our family. We want to care for the land and water in the healthiest ways possible.”

Ryan Marquardt | Wild Rose Pastures

“I want to be able to pass this land off to my children, nieces, or nephews with the goal of preserving it in the family. It is my goal not to force this farm on the next generation, but to equip them to make good management decisions, even if they are not the ones actively farming the ground.”

Tim Diebel | Taproot Garden

“Scripture, I have come to recognize, emphasizes the ways we interact with each other, and yes, God, but being embedded in nature through farming expands that interactive community to the air, soil, water, and all living things, both visible and microscopic.”

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