Cultivating Community: Experience a Field Day

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Faith Farms and Climate, Past Event

In an era where the disconnect between land and plate, rural and urban, seems to widen, it’s important to find “bridge opportunities” that bring people who perhaps don’t normally interact together.

That’s why we encourage you to attend one of the Field Days hosted by Practical Farmers of Iowa…even if you’re not a farmer. Afterwards, stick around for our special bonus chat (see the bottom of this article).

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Main Event Details

“Agriculture Supporting Community”
Sunday, June 30
from 3-5 PM
Mustard Seed Community Farm in Ames.

At this field day, you’ll have an opportunity to walk through lush fields and learn about sustainable farming practices, plus you’ll discover the ways one unique farm emphasizes community as a major part of its mission. According to their website, Mustard Seed Community Farm is “dedicated to sustainable, simple living, love of our neighbor, and creating a community in which everyone can participate in growing and eating delicious, healthy, locally produced food. Our farm is a part of the Catholic Worker movement, which is an interfaith, inclusive, social justice movement. We welcome persons of all backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, genders and sexualities.”

You’ll learn about:

  • Partnering with community food pantries and health organizations to feed people in need
  • On-farm research trials on honeyberries and onion thrips
  • Cultivating leaders on the farm to manage different but intersecting enterprises, such as a cut-flower enterprise
  • Operating a volunteer-run farm
  • Seed-saving for vegetables

Iowa IPL is one of the sponsors of this Field Day, so be sure to stop by our booth at some point to say hello!

Bonus Chat for our Friends & Supporters

After the Field Day, stick around for a bonus conversation with Tim Gossett, Associate Director of Iowa IPL, and other IPL supporters. We’ll chat until around 6:15 PM. Bring your own lawn chair and gather with others to talk about what you took away from the Field Day for your own setting. It’s an opportunity to consider, for example, how faith communities can support sustainable farming and how agriculture can embody spiritual values, creating a symbiotic relationship that enriches both the land and the human spirit.

Registration is not necessary for this conversation, though it would be helpful to us to have a rough idea of numbers, plus we’ll send a reminder out as well. Send us a quick email using the form below to let us know you’re attending. (The form is NOT the registration for the Field Day itself, so be sure to register using the button above.)

Our specific location for the conversation will be decided “on the fly” that day. We’ll have details at our Iowa IPL display. If you end up a ways from the farm, feel free to leave your lawn chair at the display so you won’t have to walk back to your car later to get it.

Join us for this unique event, and let’s chat about the vital intersections of agriculture and spirituality, set against the backdrop of some thriving fields that sustain many bodies, hearts and spirits. (And if this Field Day doesn’t work for you, there are many more to choose from!)

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