Action Alerts

We believe being present and raising your voice is powerful. In order to prepare for the Iowa’s legislative session, it is important to know your representatives. Click here and enter your address to identify your State Senator and Representative. You will also find contact information, committee information, sponsored legislation, and other helpful information.

It’s your right, as a citizen of the state, to personally lobby your legislators. You don’t need special permission to make your voice heard and your views known. Click here for tips to help you through the process.

Policy Priorities 

The mission of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light is to inspire and equip people of faith to become leaders finding solutions to climate change. We do this by helping congregations become models of energy efficiency, utilize renewable energy, and lead by showing strong examples of stewardship of creation. We also do this by addressing systemic issues—social attitudes, political policies, and community practices—that contribute to climate change. Iowa IPL advocates for energy policies that encourage a transition to 100% clean energy in Iowa, reduce greenhouse gas pollution, protect the health, beauty, and integrity of creation, and support the health of human communities.