Contact Your Legislators

Why Should I Contact My Legislators?

We know that in order to solve the issue of climate change there needs to be constructive policies that support energy efficiency and the development of renewable sources of energy, along with sustainable climate policies. These need to occur at every level of our government: local, state, and federal.

We encourage everyone to write their legislators, urging them to make climate change and sustainable energy policy a priority and asking them what they intend to do about one of the greatest challenges of our generation. Let them know that climate change is a voting issue for you.

For specific actions you can take, visit our Action Alert page!

Who Are My Legislators?

What Do I Say?

While the most powerful comments will come from the heart, these guidelines may be helpful:

  1. State your name and profession – It is important that legislators see how broad concern for these issues is.
  2. Let them know that you are a constituent. If you have met before, mention where and when – A personal connection is often helpful.
  3. Explain why these issues are important to you – Is it concern for Creation, for future generations, for your children, for poor and vulnerable people in Iowa and the rest of the world? Or is it something else that has led you to write?
  4. Encourage them to act – If you are writing about a specific proposal, briefly discuss it. If you are writing about the general issue, ask them what they intend to do to address climate change.
  5. Thank them for their service to the state – Many comments to legislators are negative. While we want to urge action, we also want to reflect respect for the challenging work they do.

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