Household Success Stories

Household Success Stories

Iowans are already taking simple steps in their homes to reduce their energy use and save hundreds on their electrical bills. This page highlights just a few families and individuals who did just that through their participation in the Cool Congregations program.


Dale and Susan Goodman

In the summer of 2014, I was outside building a retaining wall while Decorah Electric was installing a solar array across the street on the roof of First Lutheran Church.  I paused and watched frequently.  My wife, Susan, and I had been advocates for clean energy for a long time, but we had never been in a position to invest in it ourselves.  Now we could. Read more of their story here.


Coffman Family

The Coffmans 

The Coffman family, motivated by their desire to be faith stewards of God’s creation, reduced the carbon emissions from their home by cutting their electricity use and taking advantage of state and federal tax credits to install solar. The credits add up to nearly a 50% reduction in solar installation costs. Read more of their story here.



The MoothartsDrone photo of South-side Solar Panels copy

As Tim and Mary spoke to me over the phone about their desire for a zero carbon lifestyle, the workmen were on the roof of their home installing solar panels.

As Catholics, they have studied the social justice teachings of the church and were encouraged and inspired to reduce their environmental impact on the earth. Read more of their story here.


The Eastmans

Ann and Barry are saving approximately $100 a month on their utility bill by taking low cost measures they learned about through the Cool Congregations program. As a result they have lowered their family’s carbon footprint by 10%. Read how they did it here.



The Barclays

By employing common energy saving measures available to homeowners today, the Barclays cut their home heating fuel use by 31% and electricity use by 15%, saving $524 in one year and preventing 7,500 pounds of carbon dioxide. Read more of their story here.




Kate is saving $600 a year! Her family reduced their carbon footprint by 10% and their electric use by 50% through changing their light bulbs. She spent $200 on CFLs to replace 75% of her bulbs and she recouped her investment in just 4 months.



LianeLiane Success Story

Liane reduced her carbon footprint by 9% by purchasing an Energy Star refrigerator, closing vents to three unused rooms in the basement, changing ten light bulbs to compact fluorescent, turning the lights off in rooms not in use, and turning off the pilot light in her gas fireplace during the summer. She received a $75 rebate from Cedar Falls Utilities for the new refrigerator. She saves $221 per year on electricity and natural gas and $30 over the lifetime of each bulb, totaling $300 per year.


How About You?

What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint? We would love to share your success story, contact us at Calculate your carbon footprint by visiting our Carbon Calculator page.