Dubuque Chapter of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light

Join the first chapter of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light in Dubuque!

Meetings: Generally on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 3pm – 4:30pm at area congregations. Please contact Mary Armstrong at mta1246@yahoo.com or Sarah Paulos at programs@iowaipl.org for specific dates and locations.

Contact: Mary Armstrong at mta1246@yahoo.com or RRS Stewart at countess14@hotmail.com

The Dubuque Chapter received an award from Iowa Interfaith Power & Light for their fantastic first year of success!

The Dubuque Chapter held a Green Team training that drew 80 participants! They designed their own assessment of how green their congregations are and could be, and are drilling down on waste reduction through their reusable bag campaign. They’ve hosted speakers, tabled at events, and been invited to local talk shows.

Member congregations have been inspired to swap out lightbulbs for LEDs, educate themselves on the benefits of living simply, grow food for the needy, and work to reduce their congregation’s energy use.

Read more about their successful Green Team Training here.

Many of the Dubuque Chapter congregations are Iowa IPL Covenanting Congregations that indicates a greater level of commitment to the mission of Iowa IPL.

Thank you to the Dubuque Chapter for being a shining example of inspiring and equipping people of faith in becoming leaders in pursuing solutions to climate change!

Resources Created by the Dubuque Chapter

Dubuque Chapter Flyer 2017

Reusable bags campaign flyer

Dubuque Chapter of Iowa IPL created their own Congregation Green Assessment for Dubuque congregations.

Dubuque Chapter of Iowa IPL Congregation Green Guidance and References – this accompanies the Assessment.

Dubuque Chapter Meeting Minutes

Read Dubuque Chapter member Julia’s blog about why she cares for Creation.

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