Faith in Solar

Solar Resources

Iowa Interfaith Power and Light works to maintain and advance incentives and policies available for congregations and communities to own or invest in renewable energy.

The United States has installed the solar capacity to power more than 2.2 million homes. According to a publication by the Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa has the potential to build enough solar PV to meet annual electric needs by more than 150 times over.  All across America – and especially across Iowa – there are opportunities to turn our homes, congregations, schools, and neighborhood rooftops into solutions to climate change.

We have created an addendum to the Iowa Energy Center’s Solar PV guide, specifically for congregations and faith communities looking to install solar on their facility. Within this guide, you will find success stories from congregations in Iowa that have installed solar or have undergone significant energy efficiency updates. These stories speak to the specific challenges congregations face and share the lessons they have learned in making these updates. You will also find models for financing solar as a church or faith community, as well as additional resources and information that will help you move toward installing clean and renewable energy on your facility.

In order to get the most out of our guide, please read through the Iowa Energy Center’s Solar PV Guide first. This will give you a better understanding of how solar PV technology works, where to begin, what to expect at a site visit, what questions to ask of a solar vendor, and other helpful information.

Click here to download Iowa IPL’s Faith in Solar Guide


Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association

The ISETA is a professional organization dedicated to excellence in safety, quality of workmanship, and technical standards for the benefit of the photovoltaic industry and its clients in the state of Iowa through public policy, public relations, and education.

Thank you to our generous sponsors who are committed to helping Iowans put their faith in solar!