Elston Tortuga

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Email: elston@iowaipl.org
Phone: 515-257-6614‬

elston is a queer/trans Jewish and Unitarian Universalist artist farming for climate resiliency on Oceti Sankowin and Ioway land in Adair County. The intersection of faith and farming inspires them with the possibilities of magic, germination, and building a gentler future that honors the truth of the past and the dignity of the present. They love rural landscapes, learning from animals and plants, and building unlikely alliances through challenging conversation. elston is a huge cat person, and likes to mix up herbal remedies with their feline familiar, King.

Bless My Daily Tears

Bless My Daily Tears

The first time I walked into Minneapolis First Universalist Church, my face was fresh with tears. I was newly estranged from a loved one, and the pain was sharp.

It just so happened that day was Remembrance Sunday.

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