Climate Advocacy Toolkit

Congregational Resources

What does your faith tradition say about caring for the earth? We’ve compiled statements from various religious traditions and denominations in our Faith Statements guide.

Get your congregation involved! Use our Congregational Involvement guide to get started.

Use our Adult Education Resources on Caring for the Earth to create learning opportunities for adults in your congregation or faith community.

Our Children and Youth Resources on Caring for the Earth include recommendations on books, activities, and curriculum for young people to begin thinking about, loving, and healing the earth.

Looking for resources to talk about climate change or to celebrate creation during worship? Check out our Worship Resources on Caring for the Earth which includes perspectives from different religious traditions and denominations.

Advocacy Resources

Learn how to lobby your legislator and tell your story with our Lobbying 101 guide.

Learn how to develop your skills and take concrete actions as a climate advocate with our Advocacy 101 guide.

Other Talking Points and Tools

Gain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change with our Climate Change 101 guide.

Climate change is a social justice issue! Learn how to talk about it with our Climate Change and Social Justice Talking Points.

Engage in conversations with climate change skeptics. Use our Responding to Climate Change Skeptics Guide or check out Grist’s vast and helpful series on How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic.