Tips on Writing a Letter to the Editor – links below to statewide and regional papers:

  • Make sure you know the guidelines for the news outlet where you are submitting your letter.
    Your newspaper may have an email address or an online form to use. Some papers still take
    hard copies by mail. Or if it’s a smaller rural paper, you may be able to stop by the newspaper
    office to hand deliver it.
  • Be concise. Write a short, pointed letter. Limit the letter to about 250 words to increase the
    likelihood it will be printed.
  • Be clear about the point you want to make.
  • Share your expertise. In this case you are a person of faith as well as whatever else you want to
    share—business owner, farmer, grandparent, teacher, volunteer, etc.
  • Include your name, address, and contact information. Many papers will want to contact you
    before they print your letter.

Letters to the Editor are an important way for Iowans to fight for faith-based climate action. Even if your letter is not printed, it makes it more likely that a similar letter with your point of view will get be published. So write it and send it, even if it’s not Pulitzer Prize winning quality. The only bad LTE is the one that never got sent!

When writing a Letter to the Editor please do these three simple things:

  1. Write an LTE and submit it to your local/regional paper and the DSM Register.
  2. Copy your letter and paste it into the action alert to your Elected Official with this opening text: (Elected Official), I wanted you to know I submitted this letter to the editor to (Place letter submitted) today about how important it is for our legislators to oppose the Sunshine Tax.
  3. Email us at a copy of your LTE. Please be sure to let us know who you sent it to and if it got printed.
Newspaper Link to submit LTEs
Knoxville Journal Express
Pella Chronicle
Des Moines Register
Dubuque Telegraph Herold
Cedar Rapids Gazette
Iowa City Press Citizen
The Daily Iowan
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier
Cedar Rapids Gazette
Ames Tribune
Sioux City Journal
Omaha World-Herald
Burlington Hawkeye
Quad City Times
Fort Dodge Messenger
Marshalltown Times Republican
Muscatine Journal
Ottumwa Courier
Storm Lake Times
Mason City Globe Gazette

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