Help Stop the Sunshine Tax

Help protect the benefits of solar energy for all Iowans!  Your voice is what will stop MidAmerican’s attempt to monopolize the sun through their proposed Sunshine Tax.  HF 669 and SF 583 will stop investment in customer-owned solar energy in its tracks.

Please help protect homeowners, farms, small businesses, schools, churches, and communities from the attempt by utilities to monopolize the sun. Write a letter to the editor (LTE) about the importance of stopping this bill. We don’t have the money to buy ads you’ve seen on TV and on social media. These efforts and others like professional letter writing and calling from the REAL Coalition, a sham “grassroots” organization funded by investor-owned, monopoly utilities, are an attempt to pass self-serving legislation to protect their future profits.

You can counter their false information that non-solar producing customers are paying the costs of customers who produce solar power on their house, barn, church, school, or business. You have the REAL power when you speak the truth about the economic growth that’s possible when Iowa invests in a clean energy future for all Iowans and not just the monopoly utilities. We must keep fighting for customer-owned energy generation.

If we want clean energy and the jobs and economic growth that go with it, we must stand together and speak out against this bill.

Go to our media action alert page to find links to submission pages for regional and statewide newspapers. You can also find information on how to write an effective LTE.

Here are some ideas to help you craft your LTE. Don’t try to use them all. Just pick something you want to share. And make it personal if you can.

  • The Sunshine Tax protects future profits for MidAmerican and Alliant. How big are those potential profits? We don’t know. But considering how much money the REAL Coalition is spending to try and pass this bill, those potential profits, paid for by customers like me, must be staggering.
  • We shouldn’t have to choose between utility scale solar and customer-owned solar. Iowa needs both.
  • The monopoly utilities, which are guaranteed a profit, are trying to convince lawmakers and the public that customer-generated energy is a burden. The truth is that distributed solar more than pays for the infrastructure necessary to support it with the high-value electricity it provides to the grid.
  • The fact is customers with renewable energy already pay for costs to connect to the grid and pay a monthly service charge.
  • This Sunshine Tax will put at risk over 800 jobs in the solar installation industry in Iowa.
  • Customers with renewable energy provide measurable, concrete benefits that they share with all customers. Net metering credits recognize these benefits. For example, customers with solar produce power at high demand, peak times – hot summer afternoons – when energy can be twice as expensive for the utility to deliver.
  • Customers with renewable energy invest their own funds to reduce the need for new and expensive power plants and improve the resilience and stability of the grid.
  • MAKE SURE you thank in your own words the legislators who are standing up against MidAmerican and standing with farms, small businesses, homeowners, churches, schools, and cities by protecting net metering as a tool to help Iowans invest in customer-owned solar.

Here are some links to good sources of information on the Sunshine Tax you can use to further develop your  LTE. And share these links on social media to help spread the word.

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