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Bringing Up Climate Change in Congregations

Iowa IPL believes that it is important for congregations to provide education on climate change, its impacts, and its solutions. Every major faith tradition has something to say about caring for Earth, and caring for our neighbors.

There are many reasons to bring up climate change in our congregations.  Climate change affects all of us, thus it will require response by faith communities as well as by faithful individuals.  The love that is at the heart of our faith compels us to help the poor and vulnerable who disproportionately bear the impacts of climate change.  This compassion leads us to be concerned about our children, grandchildren, and all future generations who will have to grapple with the rapidly warming world we have left them.  The challenges we face are daunting, but as people of faith we live with hope.  We need the support of each other to keep hope alive and to find the courage to live out our faith together.

Iowa IPL has information on how to get your congregation involved.

Congregational Resources

What does your faith tradition say about caring for the earth? We’ve compiled statements from various religious traditions and denominations in our Faith Statements guide.

Get your congregation involved! Use our Congregational Involvement guide to get started, including ideas for starter projects.

Show a film and have a discussion. Click here for Iowa IPL’s list of 25 full length and short films on climate change and climate change solutions.

Use our Adult Education Resources on Caring for the Earth to create learning opportunities for adults in your congregation or faith community.

Our Children and Youth Resources on Caring for the Earth include recommendations on books, activities, and curriculum for young people to begin thinking about, loving, and healing the earth.

Looking for resources to talk about climate change or to celebrate creation during worship? Check out our Worship Resources on Caring for the Earth which includes perspectives from different religious traditions and denominations.

Engage a speaker to address your congregation during education times or from the pulpit. See our Speakers Bureau for expert speakers.

Invite Iowa IPL staff to speak at your congregation!